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We are a production company specializing in developing and producing film and television content. We have a team of industry experts and an extensive network, allowing us to scale up for any project.


Our focus is on turning ideas into reality, from concept development, filming, and editing, to everything else that’s necessary to perfectly execute a creative vision. 

Al Hallak Pictures
Al Hallak

Al Hallak, an accomplished expert in the industry, brings a wealth of experience to his diverse roles. With expertise as a producer, director, and educator, he has spent over a decade collaborating with producers and film companies, contributing to the creation of numerous successful film projects.

In the field of education, Al Hallak has made a lasting impact. His passion for sharing knowledge and nurturing emerging talents has led him to teach at renowned film schools and esteemed institutions across the United States. Beyond the confines of the classroom, Al has also been privileged to serve as a judge and critic at some of the nation's most competitive film screening events. 

Hallak founded Pitch to Screen® to provide a platform for visionary filmmakers to showcase their work and to encourage and support the growth of independent cinema.

Profiles:  LinkedIn  |  IMDb  |  Medium

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